Tiny Tatty Teddy; popular products in the range

Me to You have been producing fantastic products for a number of years now. From the Tatty Teddies to the Blue Nose Friends; they have appealed not only to those who love toys but also those who love ornaments and cute homewares too.

There is now another member of the Me to You family that is definitely upping the cute stakes. The Tiny Tatty Teddy; younger sibling of the older bears and designed with newborns and toddlers in mind.

This perfectly cute, perfectly neutral bear is not only adorable but also great fun too and comes available on a range of different products!

Here are some of the best things you can buy from the Tiny Tatty Teddy Range.

Baby Safe Cuddly Toy

Whilst cuddly teddies are a popular gift for newborn babies, what many people do not realise is that they are not always baby safe. Tiny Tatty Teddy have the answer; they have made a beautiful little 4” cuddly toy that is adorable and safe to give to a tiny tot.

Cuddle Blanket

One step up from the cuddly toys; Tiny Tatty Teddy also comes with a blanket for the ultimate cuddle! Soft, cosy and an ideal comforter for any restless baby. These are perfect additions to any baby gift box.


It isn’t just cuddly toys that feature the Tiny Tatty Teddy design. Larger, baby items also come as part of the range. Highchairs are just one example of this, not only incredibly useful but also just as cute as the other items in the range.

Baby clothes

Why limit the Tiny Tatty Teddy love to just toys and furniture; there are even sets that you can buy that feature baby clothes with Tiny Tatty Teddy on them too. Ideal for both boys and girls the starter sets are a great gift if you are heading to a baby shower and you are not sure what to buy.


Finally, why not tuck your baby up at night safely and snugly with their Tatty Teddy friends? As part of the range there is also a Tiny Tatty Teddy bedding set suitable for cot beds and offering a cute neutral theme for your nursery.

Tatty Teddy has become popular around the world and with this addition to the range we are sure that the appeal of these gorgeous little bears (and friends of course) are going to spread the Teddy love even further!