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Disney Princess – The must do for Super Fans.

Disney Princess- The must do for Super Fans

Many of us love nothing more than getting back to our childhoods and enjoying a Disney film or two. But some “fans” of these popular family films see themselves as more than just someone who enjoys watching them.

So if you fancy yourself as somewhat of a super fan of these beautiful ladies then perhaps you should take a look at this list of things that any self-respecting princess super fan should do in their lifetime.

Own your favourite Princess outfit

There is absolutely no way you can claim to be a superfan of Disney without making sure that you have the costume to go with it. Whether you love Ariel, adore Belle or perhaps have a passion for Cinderella; you cannot be a superfan without having an outfit to back it up!

Visit every Disney Park

One of the biggest asks for any superfan; visiting the many parks around the world is definitely a long term project. There are 6 parks in total around the world; Florida, California, Tokoyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai and each one is just as impressive and magical as the others.

Sleep like a princess

If you are a Disney Princess Superfan then the chances are that you will want to spend even just one night behaving like one. One of the very best places to do this is at one of the two American parks. Disneyland as the Disney Dream Suite and the Walt Disney World has Cinderella’s Castle Suite. Both give you the chance to not only live out a dream but experience a certain extra sprinkle of Disney magic.

Go to the theatre

Don’t limit yourself to just the films. Why not expand your superfan experience and take in some of the amazing musical and stage productions of the most popular Disney films; The Lion King for example!

Have a Disney Wedding

Are you dreaming of the most Disney-tastic wedding possible? If you are then why not take that giant leap and theme your entire day around Disney. Arrive in a Cinderella Carriage, wear a dress that Belle would be jealous of and dance the night away to some of the best loved songs from the films. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to marry your prince!

Join the club

What self respecting fan would claim to be super without joining the club for the most fantastic fans? In the world of Disney this comes in the form of D23. D23 is the Disney fan’s elite club and is an official way to show just how much you love Disney.

Watch every single film

Finally, to end our Disney Superfan tick list we have one of the most obvious ones. Take a day (or two) off from regular life and immerse yourself in the world that started it all. Watch every single Disney film in release date order and see just how the magic unfolded and made its way around the world!

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Disney Beach Towels – Why do kids love them?

Disney Beach Towels – Why do kids love them?

During the summer holidays, one of the most popular activities for many families is to go to the beach, spend hours under the warm sun, enjoying the breeze and the sea waves. But a nice summer day at the beach would not be complete without the humble beach towel.

Beach towels play such an important role when we are at the beach, but most of the times we just seem to forget it. They come in all sizes and colours, for all tastes and ages. There is a wide range of designs for adults and kids, who tend to find the Disney towels more attractive than other types designed for kids.

How did all started?

Since 1928, year in which Mickey Mouse appears for the first time on a screen, Disney has created hundreds of characters and offered kids thousands of hours of pure joy watching their cartoons and films. It is unimaginable to think that there is a kid who doesn’t like any of the Disney characters featured on their movies. If you ask any girl which is her favourite cartoon character, it is very likely that she will mention one of the princesses Disney has made so popular through all these years, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, Anna from Frozen or Jazmin from Aladdin. And boys are not the exception. Some of their favourites might include Buzz or Woody from Toy Story, McQueen from Cars or even Mickey Mouse, which is the favourite of boys and girls.

The characters have changed very much over the years, in order to appeal the new generations of kids watching the films or cartoons that Disney produce for TV and cinema. This brand has grown so much that every year they release at least one new film for kids, creating a new character or characters to offer in all sorts of products like clothes, accessories, games, bedding sets and toys.

So, the great popularity of these characters makes it simple to understand that when it comes to accessories such as beach towels, kids would only prefer to have one of their favourite Disney character. Here lies the main reason why kids love their Disney towels so much.

Will kids ever get bored of their Disney beach towels?

It all depends. There are some cases in which probably yes, they will get bored of them when they start getting older and developing other tastes and preferences. But as long as they love Disney films there will always be a chance of choosing a Disney towel to go to the beach. Nonetheless, when these kids reach the age of choosing some other kind of towels, there will be younger ones starting the cycle all over again.

And there are cases in which the proud owners of these towels are not kids, but adults; adults who love the Disney characters and never got bored of them, so they don’t mind showing their inner child by having a Disney beach towel on the sand waiting for them after a good swim.

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