Superman: A History of a World Famous Superhero.

When you think of iconic superhero’s there is often one that pops into mind. Picture the billowing red cape, slicked hair, chiselled face and of course those bright red speedos over the top of tight blue lycra trousers and you will be thinking of Superman.

Created by DC,  he has become one of the most popular superhero’s in the world; but how much do you know about the caped hero?

The Man

Superman is more than just a humble man with some special powers. In fact, some would say that he is truly out of this world.

An alien called Kal-El from Krypton; Superman was sent to Earth as a baby by his parents to save him from the imminent destruction of their planet.

After crash landing on Earth he was found by a couple called Jonathan and Martha Kent on their farm in Smallville, Kansas. Not knowing quite how this baby had arrived and what the spacecraft was, they decided to take him and raise him as their own, calling him Clark and not realising quite where he came from.

The Powers Emerge

Over time, as Clark grew he started to show his powerful abilities and led to his parents admitting that they found him in a field and showing him the craft that brought him to Earth. It was then that Clark realised that he had a duty to protect Earth.

Superman is born

With this amazing discovery, Clark decided to help those on the brink of disaster leading to him stopping a NASA Space-Plane from crashing and killing all those inside. One person who was on board the plane at that time was a reporter for the Daily Planet called Lois Lane who branded this mysterious hero Superman.

Clark Kent and the Daily Planet

Superman quickly became a hero and everyone wanted to know more about this caped wonder on a mission to protect Earth. Knowing that he was the only person with the inside scoop on Superman; Clark Kent put forward a story to the Daily Planet and was accepted as their newest (and Superman specialist) reporter.

So what can he do?

When it comes to superhero’s many of us want to know what exactly it is that makes them so super? Batman has his amazing suit and weapons, spiderman can move around just like those eight legged insects; but what can Superman do?

Ultimately, he is indestructible. His body can withstand forces that no other could and he can move at the speed of light!

Strength is another power that Superman has been given. In fact he is so strong that he can do the unthinkable; carrying planes and propping up toppling buildings with his bare hands.

Superman has heightened senses; hearing that can pick up the faintest sound and a wide range of vision enhancements including heat vision, x-ray vision and telescopic vision.

With so many amazing powers it is easy to see why Superman has become one of the most popular characters that DC have ever produced. With countless comics, TV shows and of course the movies; he seems to be a hero that we not only love but will continue to love for many years to come.