Marvel Avengers- know the characters

You would have had to have been living in a cave for the past few years not to have heard about Marvel Avengers. Whether it is Thor, Hulk or perhaps Iron Man; these popular characters have ignited the love of comic books that kids (and grown-ups for that matter) have.

So who are the Avengers and what makes the such a special team? We have the character lowdown on the popular movie reincarnation of the team that all of us would love to be a part of.


A mean, green smashing machine. Hulk is a force to be reckoned with. A meek, intellectual scientist by day Bruce Banner found himself caught up in a Gamma bomb explosion giving him some mighy impressive powers. In fact Bruce completely disappears and the Hulk rules OK whenever anger rears its ugly (and green) head.


Thor is the only member of the Avengers who has royal blood. A Norse god of thunder and lightning; he posses a power that so many only wish they had. His enchanted hammer can only be wielded by his rather muscular hands making him a rather difficult person to beat (but someone who is definitely handy to have around when you need to nail a picture in the wall).

Captain America

The oldest member of the team (not that you can tell by looking at him) Steve Rogers was a soldier in the army serving his country in any way that he could. In fact, he was so keen to protect it that he took a super serum to turn himself into a one man army that is impossible to beat.

For over 60 years he has been known as Captain America, proof of the true power of pride in your country.

Iron Man

Super rich and super charming; Iron Man, otherwise known as Tony Stark found his place on the Avengers after creating his iconic red and gold suit. With his money and pretty impressive intelligence to boot, he is a key member of the Avengers, not that any of them would let him know that!


Pretty impressive with a bow and arrow; Clint Barton is not only handsome but pretty lethal too. He has better than average reflexes and super sharp hand eye co-ordination meaning that he is someone that you certainly need on your team. Did we mention that he knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses too?

Black Widow

The only girl in the team does not make Black Widow the weakest. A spy, assassin and master fighter. Natasha Romanova was trained to fight and fight she does pretty darn well. In fact, we have to say that she makes high kicks in a catsuit look pretty easy!

So there you have it, our round up of some of the most amazing heroes that the world has ever seen. We love the avengers and we are pretty sure that most of the world agrees with us on that fact!