How Extreme is Your Disney Love?

Disney has a huge and highly dedicated fan base but some of those fans definitely take it to the extreme. Whether it is marrying with a Disney themed ceremony or dressing like popular Disney characters, the dedication to all things Disney is still intense. Let’s round up of some of the more extreme ways in which fans express their love for the company and its most famous characters…

Disney Weddings

Some fans will get married at Disneyland in America, some do it for practical reasons like the availability of hotels and some just love the parks. This isn’t about them. This is about the people who go that extra mile on their wedding day and theme the entire event around Disney. The list of ways couples theme their wedding around Disney is endless. From simple Disney cakes, invites and shoes. Then there is Michael and Michelle who in 2014 got married in matching Disney inspired hats and a woman who had bridesmaids that dressed as every Disney princess ever.

Disney Dating

So nobody understands a Disney fan like a Disney fan, right? This new website allows (adult) Disney fans to connect and date. Its essentially an online dating service for Disney fans called On top of all the usual dating service questions expect to be grilled about your favourite films, characters and songs with the responses used to match you to other passionate Disney fans. The website is aimed at those “who want that same magic in their relationship”. Maybe a sign of more extravagant Disney weddings to come?

mouse mingle

Disney Bounding

This is a fairly new idea but it’s a truly fantastic way to show your love for Disney everyday. Instead of wearing costumes of your favourite character, you wear regular clothes but in a style well and truly inspired by a Disney character of your choice. Fans love to create these stylish pieces and wear them around the parks. Disney, who opposes adults attending their parks in costume, is actually highly receptive of the new Disneybounding craze. Even sharing a quiz online for you to figure out which character you should dress like.

disney bounding

Disney Tattoos

What better way is there to prove your Disney passion than to have it permanently placed on your skin? Tats range from subtle small artworks that are fairly discreet to huge masterpieces that have to be seen to be believed. As well as a huge range of characters, many a Disney inspired quote has spawned a permanent body art addition. Here are some of our favourites.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the world of Disney super fans. There are some many other incredible ways people express their love of Disney including this insane Disney bucket list. How far would you go to prove your love for Disney?