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Coca Cola: The Kings of Merchandise

There are some companies out there that just manage to get the balance of merchandise right; Coca Cola has to be one of them.

The iconic symbol can be seen on a variety of different items; they are not only fun things to keep at home but some of them can even be worth a considerable amount of money.

So, let’s have a look at some of the great Coca Cola items you can buy from around the world.

Personalised Glass

Why not give your Coca Cola glass a real touch of personality by personalising it with your name, or giving it as a gift instead? These low cost items are not only great fun but useful too.

Paper Towel Stand

If you want your kitchen to have a fabulous retro feel then this paper towel holder emblazoned with the Coca Cola logo is a really great purchase.

Wall mounted bottle opener

Keeping on a kitchen theme there are other Coca Cola items that you can purchase; a wall mounted bottle opener is the ideal way to open up those bottles when you need a refreshing drink (Coca Cola of course).

Coca Cola Clocks

There are a wide variety of different clocks out there that feature the Coca Cola logo in a variety of forms. Some are modern offerings whilst others have a distinctly vintage design; it all depends exactly what you are looking for in style.


One of the most popular items of Coca Cola merchandise are the trays. These vary in design with some Christmas themed and others ideal for summer parties.

Scale diecast models

Model vehicles have also been given the Coca Cola treatment with a number available with the famous logo design. Ford vans, VW campers and others are all available to add to your collection.


Socks, T-shirts and jumpers. These are just some of the different types of items of clothing that come with the Coca Cola logo. Whether it is for men, women or children there is something to suit you.


Another popular range of Coca Cola merchandise comes in the form of notebooks and pens. Ideal for school kids or perhaps big kids at work.


Here at Poplar we take great pride in our associations with leading brands like Coca Cola and in partnership with PRIMARK we developed a range of Coca Cola bedlinen, cushions and throws.

What is the most valuable Coca Cola item out there?

We have looked at some of the most popular Coca Cola items that you can buy right now; many of these are low cost and are not going to increase in value over time. But there are those truly unique vintage items that have been sold for more than just a few pounds.

The most valuable Coca Cola item sold at an auction for $4.5! A soda fountain that measured 21 feet was made in 1893 from marble and alabaster. It was bought by a millionaire and is now pride of place in their home; perhaps not tasting as fresh but certainly looking it!

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