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The Plot Thickens: 5 Questions Being Asked by Star Wars Fans About The

The Plot Thickens: 5 Questions Being Asked by Star Wars Fans About The

Force Awakens

Anticipation has reached fever-pitch for the next instalment of the Star Wars

franchise, which opens in cinemas around the world at the end of this week. There

are already avid fans camping outside theatres and cinemas, desperate to get the

best seats when they’re finally let in for their midnight showings, and experts are

predicting one of the biggest box office takes ever recorded.

But what of the film itself? Well, there are many questions floating around about

the plot, the characters, and why exactly Luke Skywalker was omitted from the

film’s official poster. Here are the top five questions being asked by Star Wars fans

in the run-up to the film’s release:

Who’s the Jedi?

Star Wars films are almost always built around a main character developing and

learning to control Jedi powers. Some of the new trailers suggest that this

instalment’s Jedi will be the runaway Stormtrooper, Finn – he’s been spotted with a

lightsabre a few times – but there are those who speculate that Rey, the female

bounty hunter, could be the real Jedi of this film. Perhaps there’ll be two Jedis – or

none at all! Fans will have to wait and see.

How are Maz and Yoda linked?

Yoda is, of course, a famous character from previous instalments, but it’s been

revealed by Lupita Nyong’o that her character, Maz Kanata (a centuries old space

pirate) has crossed paths with the furry little genius. Will Yoda get a look-in at any

point in the new film? Could he turn up as a ghost, offering his sage (if oddly

worded) wisdom to the young Jedis?

Where are the blood ties?

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without a complex family tree to get to grips with – and

many fans are wondering how the new generation of characters link in with each

other. Could Rey and Kylo Ren (this movie’s bad guy) be brother and sister? Are

any of the new characters descended from the Skywalker line – and if so, are they

Leia’s child, or Luke’s? Star Wars sure does love its sibling drama.

What’s the significance of BB-8?

The cute new spherical droid was originally thought of as just ‘dressing’ (and

probably a new merchandising avenue for Disney), but a recent trailer released in

China has shown that the droid’s background is ‘classified’, which suggests the little

gadget is much more than a cutesy way to sell more toys this Christmas. But what

is the significance of BB-8?

Where is Luke?

This is the question that’s hot on everyone’s lips. While we’re seen plenty of

glimpses of the old generation, Han Solo and General Leia, Luke Skywalker has

been noticeably absent from most trailers and the movie’s official poster. There was

a brief shot of his hand in one of the first teaser’s to be released – but where in the

galaxy is Luke, and what is he up to? Of course, there are rumours abound that the

old hero has gone over to the Dark Side, while others are suggesting Disney have

gone down the Frozen route and exiled Luke because he can’t control his Jedi

powers. Both seem equally plausible – and we have a feeling the answer to this

particular question will dictate a lot of the movie’s plot.